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Who’s getting involved?

Here is why many in the industry have already pledged to support 24 Hours in Farming:

“NFYFC and our specialist agricultural recruitment company HOPS are both supporting #Farm24 so we can help promote the amazing opportunities available in our industry and celebrate the next generation of farmers.
We are looking forward to showing the wide range of activities on offer to young people who want to get involved in agriculture – whether that be in their future careers or just enjoying and learning more about our beautiful countryside. Many of our members who are young farmers will also be sharing updates during their 24 hours in farming.”
Ed Ford, NFYFC’s chairman of Council

“#Farm24 is a fantastic initiative to get more people interested in great British food.
Farming and food contribute more than £100 billion to our economy every year and support one in eight jobs. British food has some of the highest standards in the world and is made with real passion and care. The more we can do to raise the profile of this crucial sector, the better.
I wholeheartedly support Farm24 and will be backing the scheme on social media on August 10.”
Neil Parish, chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee

“The farming sector and its supply chain are fundamental to Scotland’s economy, environment and culture and #Farm24 is a great way of recognising the dedication and the passion of the individuals involved.
I am committed to supporting a sustainable, vibrant and diverse rural economy and promoting better public understanding of farming’s valuable contribution to society and the economy and the great quality produce we enjoy every day.”
Scottish Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing. 

“We are looking forward to taking part in #farm24 as we don’t think people really realise how much beef and sheep farmers actually work to improve in their cattle and sheep and how much farming means to them. So by doing #farm24 we can share with our farming friends and non-farming friends why we enjoy doing it and how much we enjoy it and how passionate we are about it!”
Tracey Graham, beef and sheep farmer Cumbria

“Quicke’s is really happy to take part in 24 Hours in Farming. It is so important to connect everyone to food and farming. How better than to show our cows grazing, producing fabulous cheese and showing how everyone can enjoy it?”
Mary Quicke, Quicke’s Cheese

“We are delighted to be championing #Farm24, a day in honour of hard working British farmers who are world-leading in terms of quality and welfare. #Farm24 is a magnificent campaign which brings together the British farming community. Together we can make the world learn how great our farming industry is. Sarah Louise Fairburn, brand and sales director,”
L.J. Fairburn and Son

“The reason we are getting involved with 24 Hours in Farming is our commitment and passion to promote our strawberries andblackberries, which are fresh locally grown produce we believe consumers would prefer to purchase. We are very happy to present our operation from ‘field to store’ to encourage a greater understanding of where food comes from and how it is produced.”
Anabel Makin, Makins Soft Fruits

“We are looking forward to taking part in #Farm24 as we do not think people realise how hard farmers work to improve their cattle
and sheep and how much farming means to them. By taking part we can share with our farming friends and non-farming friends how much we enjoy it and how passionate we are about it.”
Tracey Graham, beef and sheep farmer, Cumbria

Meet the champions

Meet the farming champions who will be supporting 24 Hours in Farming. What will you be doing? Let us know by email: 24hours@fginsight.com

Your Stories

Whether you are a farm, agricultural business or farming organisation, please take a few moments to tell us what you will be doing on August 10, 2017 to take part in 24 Hours in Farming and we will help publicise it for you.

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