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Morrisons is pleased to sponsor ‘24 hours in Farming’ and to support British farming.We understand that ‘24 hours in farming’ is important for British farmers and it’s really important for Morrisons because we rely on British farming’s success.

Everyday, across the Nation, we work with and buy from British farmers. In fact, we work directly with more than 3,000 livestock farmers and more than 200 more growers.  

At Morrisons, we prefer to deal directly with farmers because we believe this works best for both parties. We are committed to developing strong and enduring relationships with British farmers, helping us to understand better and work together to tackle common challenges.

And if our customers are going to buy more British food and support the British countryside, it’s really important to show what you do every day, your high standards, and your efforts to feed our communities and families.

That’s why we are supporting ’24 hours in Farming’ and we wish you all the best in telling your stories. 

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A 14th generation farmer, Mary is just one producer who will be telling her story on August 10-11, 2017, when the nation’s farmers take to social media to explain to consumers about the work and passion which goes into producing the food they eat.

2. Asparagus harvest on Church Farm

From 5am on August 10 – 5am August 11 Morrisons’ producers will be telling their stories – will you?

1. Lambing time on Hamildean Farm

From 5am on August 10 – 5am August 11 Morrisons’ producers will be telling their stories – will you?

Whether you are a farm, agricultural business or farming organisation, please take a few moments to tell us what you will be doing on August 10, 2017 to take part in 24 Hours in Farming and we will help publicise it for you.

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